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        Product Description
        Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.05mm*50M*4.8CM Packaging:
        Applicable usage: office supplies, packaging Material: BOPP
        Features: high viscosity, eco-friendly, long durable
        Categories Unit Measurement Details
        Tack  N/25mm ≥0.55KG
        Tensile Strength  N/25mm ≥9.22KG
        Elongation % 100-200
        Initial Viscosity cm ≤6
        Holding Capacity hr/Celcius ≥24hr/23℃

      General Description:

      Silent tape, commonly known as low noise tape, has a unique feature to facilitate high volume packing environments and workplaces where minimum noise is required. These tapes are known to provide excellent adhesion and reliable performances especially when it comes to sealing cartons and parcels mainly for shipping to long distances. These tapes are made of water based adhesive that works efficiently at low and high temperatures. Most low noise tapes are cost effective and the best alternative to the vinyl tapes. They are environmental-friendly option as well, making them a best choice .

      Noise in a busy environment of work can be a real problem. Noise can adversely affect the momentum of the workers as well as their concentration in a busy warehouse or a packing room. It is therefore of importance to ensure an amicable working environment. Low adhesive noise tapes not only provide strong adhesiveness that seal boxes and cartons tightly, but also ensure a humble working place, without any noise from the dispensers.

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