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      Product Description
      Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.05mm*50M*5CM Packaging:
      Color: Clear Transparent Material: BOPP
      Features: high viscosity, long-durable
      Usage purpose: box seal packaging
      Categories Unit Measurement Details
      Type of glue - oil based
      Tack  N/cm 0.28KG
      Tensile Strength  N/cm 4.5KG
      Elongation % <180

    General Description:

    Super clear tape is categorized as a pressure-sensitive tape with acrylic based adhesive and quite similar with OPP tape. Main application of this tape is used widely in packing and shipping as well as moving, storage, or even office stationery supplies.

    The substrate of this tape consists of BOPP polymer plastic film. It provides a smooth surface that is highly resistant to chemical alteration and physical abrasion. It is also very stable, eco-friendly materials and offers water resistant capabilities as well, providing a good barrier to moisture and water vapor. Super clear tape is resistant to UV rays and keeping its elasticity for prolonged periods of time. It is ultra-light yet high tensile strength, easy to use and able to be written upon with permanent markers.

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