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      General Description:

      Masking tape is commonly used in painting or decorative applications to cover areas which shouldn’t be painted especially in furniture construction industries. It is made using a thin easy to rear paper. The tape is also easy to release. Masking tape is easy to remove without leaving any residue or causing any damage to the surface where it is applied. Other common applicationscan be applied to hold blueprints firmly to drawing boards or light tables and to prevent glass shattering or harming anyone in the vicinity.

      There are 3 main types of adhesives used such as silicone based, acrylic based and rubber based adhesives. Rubber based adhesives are the best in terms of providing adhesion. They have the lowest temperature resistance. Silicone based adhesives on the other hand offer high temperature resistance (260°C) but are poor on adhesion. Lastly, acrylic-based adhesives have the best temperature range. They provide adhesion in extreme temperatures i.e. sub-freezing temperatures to 325° Fahrenheit.

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