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    Product Description
    Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.05mm*50M*4.5CM Packaging:
    Usage: repairing, fixing,packing Material: BOPP
    Features: high viscosity, eco-friendly, long durable
    Categories Unit Measurement Details
    Tack  N/IN ≥600
    Tensile Strength  N/IN ≥800
    Elongation % ≤8
    Peel Adhesion N/IN ≥10
    Holding Capacity Celcius 0-50℃

    General Description:

    Fiberglass tape is backed with BOPP film synthetic rubber based adhesive and reinforced with plastic glass fiber. It is high tensile strength and suitable for fixing refrigerators, air conditioners, and electrical appliances industries. Fiberglass tape also mainly applied as transformer, cable wire core insulator winding enhancement, and fixed insulation. It is mostly used in household appliances packaging such as washing machines, refrigerators, metal and wooden packaging, carton packing, etc.

    Color: Transparent

    Backing materials: PET/OPP Film

    Main type: striped tape/mesh tape

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