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  • Product description
    Product Description
    Dimension (thick x length x width): 50micron*50M*48mm Packaging:
    Applicable usage: office supplies, packaging Material: BOPP
    Features: high viscosity, eco-friendly, long durable
    Categories Unit Measurement Details
    Tack  N/25mm ≥0.55KG
    Tensile Strength  N/25mm ≥9.22KG
    Elongation % 100-200
    Initial Viscosity cm ≤6
    Holding Capacity hr/Celcius ≥24hr/23℃

    General Description:

    It is called silent tape because there is no sound when stripping the tape. It is  anti-static for electronic parts,  stripping force is very light, low noise, no residue and very small friction. The substrate of this tape is based on BOPP without any other synthetic and acrylic included, non-toxic, odorless with good transparency and environmental protection. It is commonly used in sealing and bundling carton packaging.

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