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  • Product description
    Product Description
    Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.135mm*18M*4.8CM Packaging:
    Color: red, black, etc Material: PVC
    Features: high viscosity, long-durable
    Usage purpose: pipeline binding/wrapping
    Categories Unit Measurement Details
    Tack  N/10mm  0.16KG
    Tensile Strength  N/10mm 2.4KG
    Elongation % 175

    General Description:

    Duct tape is one of the most useful types of pressure-sensitive tapes due to its durability and its wide range of potential uses. Duct tape usually has some type of cloth or fabric backing rubber based adhesive and normally coated with a plastic material as low-density PE. Common characteristics include superior strength, flexibility, and high viscosity. Duct tape is available in a variety colors. Duct tape is used in a wide variety of applications and many industries.

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