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    Product Description
    Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.125mm*20M*18mm Packaging: 200 rolls/box, 10rolls per drum
    Color: Black Material: PVC
    Features: fire resistant, electric insulation
    Categories Unit Measurement Details
    Net Thickness cm 1.8
    Diameter mm 70
    Voltage V 600
    Type of glue - rubber
    Top Thickness  μm 15±5
    Tack  # 16-18
    Tensile Strength  N/25mm 0.4±0.05 KG
    Holding Capacity hr/Celcius ≥6hr/60℃

    General Description:

    PVC electrical tape is used for electrical applications i.e. insulating. The tape is made using a polymer plastic called PVC or Polyvinyl chloride. The backing material of this tape is coated using rubber sensitive adhesive. The main features of this tape are a good insulator, water resistant, has long-lasting stickiness and affordable pricing. The tape also has good temperature tolerance i.e. can work effectively in mild surroundings with temperatures below 80 degrees Celsius but resistant to extreme weather and high voltage. The tape can withstand below 600 V. Common applications for this tape is to insulate electrical equipment wires preventing leakage, to repair/fix, to seal, and to protect electronic parts. 

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