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    Product Description
    Dimension (thick x length x width): 0.05mm*50M*4.8CM Packaging:
    Usage: office supplies Material: Gauze、cloth 
    Features: Tension resistant, oil resistant, aging resistant, heat resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion
    Categories Unit Measurement Details
    Tack  N/19mm 0.3KG
    Tensile Strength  N/25mm 20KG
    Unwinding Force N/19mm 1KG
    180℃ Peel Adhesion N/cm 0.49
    Holding Capacity Celcius  -40-150℃

    General Description:

    There are a lot of varieties of cloth tape. It is basically cotton or fabric material backed and coated with different type of adhesives. It is commonly used in medical industries such as bandaging. Cotton tapes are non-abrasive, easy to use, and easy to tear. Another example of cloth tape is gaffers/gauze tape which is reinforced by vinyl coated waterproof coat and rubber based adhesive. It is used mainly for tackling and/or securing electric wiring as well as bookbinding and other arts and crafts purposes due to its resistance to moisture. Cloth tape is also ideal for moisture sealing, tight packing, and heavy duty packing

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