• Technical parameters
  • Product description

      Protective film is one of the most common protection film on the market. The characteristics is relatively hard texture, scratch resistant, long term life shell. It is clear, with one side or both side corona-treated polyester film. The purpose of protection film is to prevent the surface of the protected substrate from being damaged or polluted in the course of transportation, assembly, or processing. Protective film will be affixed to the surface of the protected substrate until the product is delivered to the user before being ripped off.

      PET protective film series is based on PET as the carrier, single side with PU glue, acrylic glue, silica gel and other series of combination of adhesive, from the bottom material, off the substrate for the PET membrane. The material is transparent and colorless. Generally, PET protective film material according to the different origin, the surface hardening value between 3H-4H, the better the surface hardening, the stronger the wear resistance.

      Scope of application

      1.       PET protective film products are widely used in mobile phone, computer, display panel, screen, plastic shell, aluminum plate, plate, polarizer, membrane switch, diffuser, FPC, glass, lens; die cutting, punching, electronics, household appliances, furniture, kitchenware, packaging, printing, composite, metal, plastic, the field of optoelectronics, metal industry.

      2.       Surface of metal products, the surface of coated metal products, the surface of plastic products, the surface of automobile products, the surface of electronic products, the surface of the label products, the surface of the profiles and other products.

      3.       Lamination and printing for flexible packaging

      4.       Label, tape and decoration

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