Baodashi (Master Pack) Shanghai participated in one of the biggest "China Stationery Gifts Exhibition" in Yiwu City with successful and fruitful results.

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Starting from June 4th morning, the “2017 China Yiwu stationery and gift exhibition” was officially opened publicly in Yiwu International Expo center. The exhibition aims to facilitate "a modern innovation, full integration of resources, joint development, mutual cooperation and win-win partnership" for stationery gifts sourcing. There are nearly 1400 standard booths provided, to attract domestic and foreign exhibitors. There are also more than 40 companies which are from Stationery Industry Association members and more than 30 stationery wholesaler companies participated in this event. This exhibition is definitely one of the largest foreign trades sourcing in China for stationery fair.


Reported directly from the venue, this exhibition has successfully attracted many visitors, especially buyers and partners to participate actively. The promoter in this event also provides and arranges more innovative events such as talk show and meeting conference discussion for many products such as writing instruments, paper and paper products, office supplies, school supplies, office furniture, supplies, etc. Mostly is all kinds of educational activities tape stationery gifts which available in this fair. Our team also explores many opportunities and new advantages of this exhibition, and involved in the transformation and development of Yiwu stationery industries.


Yiwu is known as the national and the world's largest stationery trading market, with more than 4000 households, more than 2000 industry production enterprises, annual turnover of $3 billion 500 million, the share of foreign trade accounted for more than 65% of the total turnover, becoming the global stationery gift industry leader.


In 2017, our group has set a strategic goal to involve more in stationery tape market. From the exhibition we decided to prepare early planning work actively for future development, and from the manufacturer factories and linear production advantages, will create a competitive advantages through our sales distribution channels and marketing platforms.


We received and signed several order contracts and assemble cooperation policies agreed with a number of domestic customers, also made a preliminary cooperation agreement with Indonesia & Kampuchea and several Southeast Asian customers, the total results are shown in the next, our groups stationery market will actively expand more territory to occupy market positioning which is more important. By its advantages of our marketing channel, with world-class production technology group will be the best quality products and best service all contribute to the consumer.



From: Baodashi (Shanghai) Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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